Tyler Morant, Attorney At Law
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Business, Tech, Sports and Advertising Lawyer

Business, Tech, Sports and Advertising Lawyer


Driven, Passionate Advocacy

Located in Manhattan Beach, CA, Tyler Morant is an attorney that specializes in protecting the business interests of entrepreneurs, small businesses, executives and athletes. Tyler, a former athlete, was driven by his own passions to become an advocate for those chasing their dreams of stardom and success. He represents clients in technology, manufacturing, media, advertising and sports. Tyler takes pride in advocating for and protecting his clients' interests because he understands the sacrifice it takes to achieve their lofty goals.

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  • Tyler gets the big picture when it comes to manufacturing and marketing. He has helped our business grow by identifying risk and providing expert guidance that made it possible for us to get our product into manufacturing and ready for the market.
    — Tim Feess, CEO of GNARBOX
  • Tyler has a knack for keeping business objectives and the law in perspective. His ability to clearly explain complicated legal topics was a huge asset in helping us move our business from Australia to the US.
    — Jayson Hornibrook, CEO Bomb'd Inc.
  • As a small business, I found that working with Tyler was very convenient. Tyler is quick to respond to my e-mails and very helpful with all my inquiries -- big or small. He is attentive to detail but also works efficiently and is mindful of billing hours. I look forward to working with him as we grow.
    — Kim Woozy, Founder of Mahfia.tv
  • Trust, relatedness, experience and integrity are the most important aspects in an attorney. I'm fortunate to have worked with Tyler on a variety of business ventures from licensing stories for film, to negotiating new partnerships and protecting my agency and clients. His intimate background in sports marketing, athletes representation, and endorsements coupled with his conservative outlook on risk makes him a well rounded, one-stop shop partner.
    — YuLin Olliver, Founder of Yunexis Agency